Don Fabio’s Seven Man Guillotine

So, NBOP was in fact wrong over Ivica Olic. Not to worry.

Diego Milito’s well taken second goal at the Santiago Bernabeu last night did not only end the Champions League final as a contest but also signalled the irreversible climax of the European club season. Heralding the dawn of the insane media circus that is the World Cup finals. Well, for English journalists anyway.

We now find ourselves taking an inward look at our home grown starts each nervously awaiting Don Fabio’s seven man guillotine on June 1st. Will Dawson, after a bright end to the season, make the cut? Will Gareth Barry shrug off injury concerns and emerge defiant and ready to wear the three lions? What we do know is that England are in the elite group of six or seven teams who have the ability to pose a serious threat at this summer’s tournament.

Much may depend on how El Diego’s team decide to behave. They certainly have the ability. Messi, Higuain, Milito, Aguero the list go’s on. The general feeling is they will score goals aplenty but with the shaky Demichellis looking increasingly flummoxed at the back they may also conceed plenty of goals. The Argentine’s matches will certainly provide rich entertainment for the neutral but could prove unsustainable as the tournament goes on.

Refering to the success of NBOP’s last prediction the Argies will probably win the tournament having conceded the least amount of goals. Let’s just wait and see.

p.s Diego Milito looks remarkably like a Womble


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